The China Business Studies Initiative is led by an Executive Board with support from the membership listed below.

Director, Professor of International Business

(415) 422-4330   xyang14@usfca.edu

Professor Xiaohua Yang has been recognized in both the international academic community and media for her research on Chinese enterprises in the U.S. and the globalization of Chinese business. As an award winning scholar, she explores the relationship between brand recognition and firm performance, internationalization of Chinese firms, R&D strategic alliances, and foreign market entry strategies. She is very active in the business community and has served on many boards.

Associate Director, Associate Professor

(415) 422-5801   lwang28@usfca.edu

Associate Professor Liang Wang brings a wealth of cross-cultural experience to USF. His esteemed research, published in leading academic journals, focuses on the interplay between strategy and geography, with an emphasis on local competitiveness within a global context.

Professor of Strategic Management and Innovation

(415) 422-6546   chenr@usfca.edu

Professor Roger Chen brings to USF forward-thinking expertise in the fields of corporate innovation and growth, competition and global strategy - areas he views as entirely interdependent. By developing a balanced approach to his research endeavors - devoting equal time and effort between pure quantitative/academic research and case research methods - Dr. Chen embodies academic rigor, benefiting his students, fellow academics, global corporations and communities with his egalitarian work philosophy.

Associate Professor



Associate Professor Matthew J. Monnot is an experienced researcher and consultant in the field of organizational behavior. Monnot’s current research interests are focused on employee well-being, organizational change, and international management.

Program Director / Assistant Professor



Gleb Nikitenko brings more than fifteen years of program development, international management, and academic experience to the School of Management. A valued longtime member of the USF community, he has made significant contributions since joining the University in 2001, and is a recognized expert in his field. Dr. Nikitenko has worked with accreditation bodies, such as AACSB, NASPAA, WASC, and YOK (Turkish Ministry of Higher Education), while teaching for institutions in the U.S. and in the Near East, and he played an instrumental role in securing accreditation for the USF School of Management.

Associate Professor

(415) 422-6547   sypark5@usfca.edu

Sun-Young Park, Associate Professor, draws from her extensive academic and professional expertise in strategy, service management, corporate social responsibility, business branding, and marketing. She strives to help her students develop more sustainable business models for various firms.

As a former management consultant for a leading multinational firm, Park has advised global companies and national government agencies in both the Asia Pacific and U.S. Additionally, while pursuing her Ph.D. at Texas A&M University, she produced reports evaluating Texas State agencies' marketing programs.

Most recently, Park has examined the role of corporate social responsibility activities in fostering a quality relationship with frontline employees within firms.

Park enjoys exercising and learning about the workings of the brain and mind.


(415) 422-6080   roddys@usfca.edu

A Professor of Modern and Classical Languages, received his PhD in East Asian Studies from Princeton University, and specializes in the fiction and other prose genres of 18th and 19th century China and Japan. His current interests focus on the influences of Chinese fiction on late-Tokugawa writers, and of Meiji-period thinkers on essayists of the late-Qing. He teaches courses in Japanese and Chinese literature, culture, and language.

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Emeritus executive board members

Co-Director, Professor of Finance (Retired)

(415) 422-6129   doyleb@usfca.edu

Barry W. Doyle, Professor of Finance, is a much admired leader and educator in the undergraduate, MBA, and Executive MBA programs, having been with the School of Management since 1984. Professor Doyle serves as acting Faculty Director at China Resources Holding Company and Guangzhou Enterprises, overseeing their Executive MBA Distance Learning Program as well as teaching corporate finance.

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Professor of Business Law (Retired)

(415) 422-6409   boedecker@usfca.edu

Karl Boedecker, Professor of Law, is one of the great pillars of USF's School of Management. Dr. Boedecker's research and course work with students investigates: social, legal and ethical issues in management, corporate identity and accountability, emerging legal doctrines and their implications, unfair competition, employment discrimination, products liability and consumer protection.

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Assistant Professor

School of Management


School of Management, Department of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Strategy

Assistant Professor

College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Philosophy

Assistant Professor

Zifei “Fay” Chen is an assistant professor of public relations and strategic communication in the
Communication Studies department. Specifically, her research focuses on public relations, social media,
corporate social responsibility, crisis communication, and consumer psychology.

Associate Professor

Xiaoya (Sara) Ding is an associate professor of finance in the School of Management. Her
research interests are primarily in international finance, empirical corporate finance, and asset

Associate Professor

Department of Accounting, School of Management

Assistant Professor and Director of Master of Sciences in Financial Analysis

Department of Finance, School of Management

Associate Professor and Director of Gallert Family Business Center
Department of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Strategy, School of Management

Associate Professor
Department of Organization, Leadership, and Communication, School of Management

Department of Public and Nonprofit Administration, School of Management

Assistant Professor
Department of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Strategy, School of Management

Assistant Professor of Law
Director of International Relations for LLM Programs, School of Law

Adjunct Professor
Department of Public and Nonprofit Administration, School of Management

Associate Professor
Department of Economics, College of Arts and Sciences

Honors Program Director, Assistant Professor
Department of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Strategy, School of Management


School of Management, Department of Economics, Law, and International Business


Department of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Strategies, School of Management

CEO, SDG.Services – President, SCI-Institute

Professor, USF School of Management

Dr. Tavanti's publications


School of Management, Department of Finance

Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) SDG.

Services – Sustainable Capacity International SCI-Institute


Professor of Economics, School of Management

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  • Richard Carney, Ph.D.

  • Bruce Cuthbertson

  • George Fang

  • Vivian R Faustino-Pulliam

  • Robert Ferguson

  • Vanessa Hasse, Ph.D.

  • Isabelle Lescent-Giles, Ph.D

  • Donald Lewis

  • Jonathan Littman

  • Elisabeth Merkel

  • Stephen Morris, ED.D

  • Kim Nevinger

  • Cindy Qin, Ph.D.

  • William Xiaojun Wei, Ph.D.

  • Jessica Xu, Ph.D.

  • Ruiqiong Zhong

  • Xuezhen Zhu


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