Austin, Downs

ISAP student president

Austin is a senior, pursuing a major in marketing within the SOM. He is also the Executive Assistant for Director Yang within CBSI, and is the Marketing Intern at the Bay Area native Starbird Chicken.


Jocelyn Luciani

ISAP student vice president

Jocelyn is a sophomore International Business major, minoring in Chinese Studies and Economics. She is  involved in the School of Management’s Honors Program and have been learning Mandarin Chinese for four years. She is  interested in improving her fluency in Chinese, learning more about the global economy, and pursuing studying environmental economics in her future career. she is  excited to continue to support ISAP this year as Vice President!

William Walker

Mutiu Olawunmi Fakorede

Natalie Ortez-Arevalo

Kevin Morales

Marc-Antony Martinez

Sofia (Yuan Wang)

Evan Chan

Angel Lopez

Antonia Urovsky

Khloe Dillard

Matthew Kiesow

Priscilla Bui

Andrew Chayra

Vinson Chau

Sean Noravong

Celeste Baird

John Chetwynd

Zimmi Ndlovu

Sydnie Chen

Yating Zuo