Austin, Downs

ISAP student president

Austin is a sophomore, pursuing a major in marketing within the SOM and the Sophomore Class Representative at ASUSF Senate for ASUSF Internal Affairs, and is involved in Model United Nations, Campus Activities Board and Saint Ignatius Institute.


Pham, Si Thi Thao

ISAP student vice president

Being a bilingual, international student and a traveler has exposed me to many elements that inspired me to major in International Business. I have experience of working with different organizations as well as people from diverse backgrounds. I’m currently working for ASUSF Finance Committee and my goals are to learn more languages, earn my MBA, explore global business opportunities, and last but not least, to travel forever.

Evan Matthew, Chan

Freshman, Global Politics and Societies of East Asia

Evan is a freshman, studying Global Politics and Societies of East Asia within the College of Arts & Sciences.  He was a board member of his high school's (Lowell High School, San Francisco) student government, and played an important role as a Community Liaison. 

        Hello! I am a Chinese American with an interest in bridging my identity and experiences with the study of the various dynamics between East Asia and the global community at large. Outside of academics, I am in love with food, travel, musical theatre, and Chinese language and culture.

Ada, Wu

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Ada is a junior at the University of San Francisco, and she is majoring in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Ada was born and raised in Shenzhen, China. She has experienced the transformation of being an International Student and is intrigued by international affairs between China and the US.

Anqi, Zhou

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Being a student ambassador is important for my career. It’s much helpful for me to achieve my future plan that is to create my own business based on things that I passion for. I always accumulate more knowledge during the journey, I think traveling is an incredible opportunity to explore the world and talk to people with different cultural backgrounds. When you understand the way how they make a living, you will have more motivation to support your dream.

Cacacho, Kenneth James

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Hi I'm Kenneth Cacacho a junior Entrepreneurship and Innovation major and my hometown is Fremont, CA. I am excited to be in my third year in ISAP and I have had the great opportunity to participate in ISAP speaker and networking events. I look forward to learning more from this program with my fellow ISAP cohort members. 

Huang, Qingyue

Junior, Business Administration

When I graduate from college, I want to start my own business and own a company of my own. I aspire to make my company the best it can be. My hobbies are singing, reading and watching movies. I prefer suspense movie and novels. Because I am a Chinese, I want to know more about China from an objective standpoint. I believe I will have a new understanding of China when I get to know China from the outside, as a student in an American college.

Han, Yijun

Major in international business

This is Yijun Han. a junior student and my major is an international business. My career goal is to work in the investment bank. And then, I will start my own business after working for five years.

Lyujian, Chen

Junior, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Make my own company. A hobby is Basketball, playing games, music, food. I want to know more about the economy in China and to find out which areas are conducive to starting a business. 

Martina Granieri

Senior, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

I am an international student born and raised in Italy in a multicultural family. I am interested in new technologies and innovations applied in business and sustainability, which I will base my career path. I have experience in the consulting sector as an administrative assistant and took part in leading positions in student organizations. Being trilingual and growing up appreciating different cultures, lead me to seek new and global business opportunities. Learning about emerging markets, launch businesses in Asia, and find ways to develop my leadership skills.

Wang, Nathan

Sophomore, International Business

Hello, my name is Nathan Wang. I am a sophomore student in the USF. My goal in this course is to gain more knowledge and aspects of Asia Business. Such as how Chinese companies operate the overseas markets. In the future, I like to start my business in China by selling products to other countries.

Xu, Yuan

Junior, International Business

My name is Adeline Yuan.  I am from Fuzhou,  Fujian,  China.  Majoring in Economics and senior now.  I participated in a business entrepreneurs competition— a traditional costume application development in Wuhan.  I can write Chinese calligraphy. I like doing international economics research.  I want to explore and start my business!