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ISAP Social Event

ISAP President Austin Downs and ISAP Vice President Jocelyn Luciani organized and hosted an ISAP Social Event for new and existing members. The event was hosted at Dragon Beaux, giving members a chance to get to know each other and learn more about the program.

How to develop your career path and professional networking

Peg McAllister, Senior Vice President of Lee Hecht Harrison discussed how to develop one's career path and professional networking skills with interactive exercises with the students.

Passcode: nqF4^3dn

Business lessons from the pandemic and transformation

Mr. Haque (Senior Vice President of Wipro) and Mr. Nguyen (VP of Foxconn's Global Services Solution Division) will share with us what their companies did and why throughout the pandemic, what lessons they have learned and what have transformed going forward.

When: 5-6pm PST, Oct 7th, Thursday