Out of Gobi: My Story of America and China with Weijian Shan

Hosted by Asia Society and Co-sponsored by CBSI

We are very excited to announce a CBSI Co-sponsored Asia Society event to feature our distinguished USF Alum Dr. Weijian Shan on August 20, 2019, at 11:00 am. 


Weijian Shan's Out of the Gobi: My Story of China and America is a powerful memoir and commentary with the potential to reshape how Americans view China, and how the Chinese view life in America.

Shan, a former hard laborer who is now one of Asia's best-known financiers, is thoughtful, observant, eloquent, and brutally honest, making him well-positioned to tell the story of a life that is a microcosm of modern China, and of how, improbably, that life became intertwined with America. Out of the Gobi draws a vivid picture of raw human energy and the will to succeed against all odds.


11:00 AM       Weijian Shan Discussion on Out of the Gobi: My Story of China and America (Lunch Served)
12:45 PM       Book Signing
1:00 PM         Conclusion



Sidley Austin LLC, 1001 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304


Please RSVP and we look forward to seeing you at this event.


The Transpacific Experiment: How China and California Collaborate and Compete for Our Future

Hosted by Asia Society and Co-sponsored by CBSI


Tue 13 Aug 2019

6 - 8:30 p.m.

Bechtel Conference Center
500 Washington St
San Francisco, CA 94111


Tensions between the world’s superpowers are mounting in Washington, D.C., and Beijing. But between these hubs of high-level politics, an entirely new reality is emerging. The People’s Republic of China and the state of California have built deep and interdependent socioeconomic exchanges that reverberate across the globe, and these interactions make California a microcosm of the most important international relationship of the twenty-first century.

In The Transpacific Experiment, journalist Matt Sheehan chronicles the real people who are making these connections. He follows a celebrated Chinese AI researcher who leaves Google to challenge his former employer from behind the Great Firewall. Sheehan joins a tour bus of wealthy Chinese families shopping for homes in the Bay Area, revealing disgruntled neighbors and raising important questions about California’s own prejudices and perceptions of immigration and the American Dream. Join Asia Society Northern California for a conversation between author Matt Sheehan and Rui Ma, formerly of 500 Startups, for a series of stories about Chinese companies, families, and people from his book.




April 11, 2019

F50 Global Capital Summit

March 29, 2019

April 4th Breakfast Panel

Professor Xiaohua Yang, CBSI Director, will be a panel speaker at Association for Corporate Growth's April 2019 Breakfast Program "CHINA TRADE & TARIFF IMPACT ON THE MIDDLE MARKET" on April 5.  


For more information, please visit: 

April 28, 2018

Big Tech in China with Duncan Clark

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Bechtel Conference Center
500 Washington Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

How will China’s internet giants - and wannabes - keep their customers and government on side. Will regulation stifle their remarkable growth, or are they actually better prepared for scrutiny than their US peers? What are the biggest opportunities that lie ahead for them - at home and abroad? Join Duncan Clark, author of Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built for this exciting program.

Founder, investor and leading advisor on China’s dynamic technology and consumer sectors, Duncan Clark is a recognized expert on the Internet and entrepreneurship in China. He has lived and worked in Beijing and Shanghai for more than 20 years. Published in 2016 in English by HarperCollins, Alibaba was named a Book of the Year by The Economist magazine and short-listed for ‘Business Book of the Year’ by the Financial Times/McKinsey.

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