What is the ISAP?

The International Student Ambassador Program (ISAP) is designed to provide future leaders with opportunities to develop business and cultural capabilities of and immersion experience in Asia.  The ISAP was commenced in 2016 by the China Business Studies Initiative (CBSI) to nurture the University of San Francisco (USF) students in their professional and personal development related to China and U.S. business, representing the endeavors of the CBSI.

What are the benefits of the ISAP?

The ISAP members will: 

●     receive a program fee waiver for the China Academic Global Immersion (AGI) course for experiential learning. 

●     have opportunities to apply for an additional scholarship from the CBSI for the AGI course (subject to budget approval).

●     gain a broad knowledge of the Asia-Pacific region and its rising significance both as a driver of the world economy and as an indispensable partner for the U.S. and the world.

●     share knowledge and develop friendships with like-minded peers at USF and in universities across Asia as they explore common interests in industry, finance, development, and other areas. 

●     develop their professional network and career prospects by gaining exclusive and valuable internship experience at the CBSI network firms. 

●     have opportunities to participate in local and/or international events and conferences where they can learn about global trends and hone their presentation and other professional skills. 

●     have opportunities to further their professional and leadership development by participating in and organizing or leading the CBSI events. 


●     The ISAP members complete the 4-credit course on China Academic Global Immersion (AGI) course, consisting of a course on on-campus classes on China Innovation and Global Integration and a one-week immersion trip to China.

  1. The on-campus classes are to help students develop a holistic view of China’s rise as a technology and innovation powerhouse and global impacts, with a focus on the challenges of and strategies for Chinese multinational corporations that innovate to compete in the global markets. 

  2. The AGI trip to China aims to provide students first-hand immersion learning experience to help them understand

    • the major transformations taking place in the economic and business environment in China;

    • how the US-China trade dispute shape China’s economic development, global trade and economy;

    • the driving forces for the rise of China innovation, Chinese multinationals and their increasing outbound foreign direct investment;

    • the opportunities and threats for businesses both inside and outside China; (5) how the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) will change the trade and investment relations between China and the BRI-participating nations as well as other countries. 


●     (Optional) The ISAP members pursue an exclusive internship at the CBSI network firms through BUS 373 (Entrepreneurship & Innovation Practicum). 

BUS 373 is a 4-unit elective course that enables students to gain practical experience in an entrepreneurial or innovative organization and translate those experiences into academic learning. With the close guidance of the practicum faculty, students will identify and work with a business, public, or nonprofit organization. In addition to formal class sessions, students, working individually or in small teams, will complete a defined organizational project of approximately 100 hours that has both practical value and academic rigor. Students will provide status reports on a weekly basis to the practicum faculty and organization supervisor and receive regular faculty coaching during the practicum. Students will be assessed on their professionalism as well as on a detailed written project proposal and oral presentation on the completed project to a panel at the conclusion of the semester.
Restricted to Junior and Senior students.

How to become a member of the ISAP?

The USF students with any majors with a strong interest in learning about or enhancing their knowledge and skills on Asia and China businesses and relations with the US are eligible to submit an application to become a member of the ISAP.  Please complete the online application form below. For any questions, contact