The Wenzhou Government Delegation Connects with USF School of Management and Meets WZPHD Members

Pictured (from left to right): Yang Mei, Chun Jiang, Shuncong Xu, Xiaohua Yang, Huaizhong Zhou, and Bin Zhao 照片(从左到右依次为):梅阳、江春、徐顺聪、杨小华、周怀中、赵斌

The Wenzhou Government Delegation visited the University of San Francisco for a contract signing event regarding the Executive Training program offered in the School of Management on September 17, 2015. The delegation consisted of Shuncong Xu, Director of Wenzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau; Chun Jiang, Deputy Chief of Staff in the Mayor’s Office of Wenzhou Municipal Government; Bin Zhao, Deputy Director of Wenzhou Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology; Yang Mei, Deputy Director of Wenzhou Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, Television, Press and Publication; and Huaizhong Zhou, Deputy Director of Wenzhou Municipal Office of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs.

The meeting at USF started with Dr. Xiaoxin Wu, Associate Director of USF Ricci Institute, warmly receiving the delegation and giving a tour of the facilities along with an introduction on the Ricci Institute regarding its steep history and connection of this University, as well as San Francisco with China. The Ricci Institute is aimed towards encouraging interdisciplinary academic research in all areas of Jesuit and China interactions. The meeting continued among a delegation of CBSI executive board members, Professor Yang and Professor Roger Chen and Jane Gleeson and her team, all of who discussed the proposed executive training, including the Silicon Valley Immersion components and the Wenzhou’s needs for developing the next generation of entrepreneurs. Also, a brief introduction of Wenzhou—one of the earliest coastal cities opened to the outside world with a strong industrial base, a predominantly private sector and the largest private economy in China.