A Single Swallow 《劳燕》

Co-sponsored by CBSI

Hope you are enjoying the last days of your Winter Break and looking forward to the Spring 2021 semester!  In partnership with USF's Center for Asia Pacific Studies and Chinese Business Studies Initiative (CSBI), Asian Studies is hosting a lively discussion with award-winning author Zhang Ling and prolific translator Shelly Bryant on their latest novel, A Single Swallow, published by Amazon Crossing in October 2020.  

This book talk will take place via 

Zoom on February 17th from 5:30pm-6:45pm PST.

愿你度过了一个愉快的冬季假期,并对2021年的春季学期跃跃欲试!亚洲研究协会将携手旧金山大学(USF)亚太研究中心和旧金山大学商学院中国企业管理研究所(CSBI),与获奖作家张玲及资深译者雪莉·布莱恩特(Shelly Bryant),讨论张玲最新小说《劳燕》。该小说由亚马逊·克罗斯(Across Crossing)于2020年10月出版。


活动时间: 2月17日下午5:30-6:45(太平洋标准时间)

As part of the event, we are offering free copies of A Single Swallow to the first 15 students who register!  

If you would like a free copy, please follow the instructions below and send in your request by 

Friday, January 29th

1) Email jlandan2@usfca.edu 

with proof of your event registration (e.g. a screenshot or forwarded registration email)

2) In that same email, include your preferred mailing address, phone number, and any special delivery instructions (if applicable)





A Single Swallow 《劳燕》