Future of Food Innovation and Opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area

As the global food system transforms, the San Francisco Bay Area leads as an innovation hub for top agrifoodtech and biotech companies, investors, universities, chefs, and farmers to shape the future of food.

Investment in food and agriculture has accelerated globally in past 12 months. In the first half of this year, total agtech investment reached $2.2 billion and food tech investments reached $4.8 billion, while the plant-based meat market alone is projected to reach $8.3 billion by 2025 (a 93% growth from this year). As our global food system evolves for a post-Covid 19 world, opportunities will continue to emerge.

The thriving Bay Area tech ecosystem includes leading food, agriculture, and biotech innovation platforms such as MISTA, SVG|THRIVE, Berkeley SkyDeck, QB3, IndieBio, and more. These thought leaders, incubators, accelerators, and investors connect the companies and entrepreneurs solving the biggest challenges facing our food system with opportunities to scale in the US and globally.

GlobalSF hosts leaders from the San Francisco Bay Area with the global community to share know-how, insights, and technologies shaping the future food industry, building pipelines to the global food-tech ecosystem, and shaping our future.

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